Thursday, February 24, 2005

Happy Blogs!

I always hate having my last entry on here to be a bitchy moan (see previous post) but I haven't been inspired to write anything lately ... so Happy Thoughts ... and why not, I'm in a happy(ish) mood today. Happy, happy, happy *head explodes*

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Avoidance Tax

Something really strange happens whenever I get stressed out about anything that I'm obliged to do but don't want to. I shut down. Completely. I don't know when or where I started to develop this habit of avoidance, but it really has become a part of my personality. This is the way I'm feeling about work at the moment, I've been leaving the things that I don't want to do a bit behind, and they've piled up and I can't get any new work done because I haven't addressed the work thats outstanding and my mind just goes into this weird loop where nothing gets done and I just freeze! Whats up with that.

Plus, add to that the fact that a prospective job in internal audit (YES, INTERNAL FUCKING AUDIT) in Montreal has made me think that I have a viable alternative to my current situation, and you have one very confused fella here. I don't want to leave my life and friends here in London, but a part of me is thinking that I can't stay at my job either. I am sure it will all seem better on monday morning, it always does. But for now, I am tired and confused, and gagging to go out clubbing. Oh wait I have little money til the end of next week. I'm sure I'll manage ...

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Sleeping ....... A Lot !

Last night my body caught up with me big time ... I got home at 6:00 PM, put my laundry in the machine, had dinner and laid my head on my bed for a bit. A bit being 5 hours as I woke up at around midnight, all the lights on in the flat and my laundry has been sitting in the machine for a good few hours. So now all my clean clothes have this really weird smell that comes from staying in water for far too long... after I hastily hung them out to dry (some of which involved throwing some socks and underwear onto the bathroom floor) I jumped back into bed and didn't get up til 9 am. At least I feel rested today!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Grammy Stream ..

Last night I typed out this stream of consiousness while chatting to BM online and watching the Grammy Awards ... here it is

- Oh Queen Latifah is looking fab, and the woman is showing her cleavage ... you go girl ...
... Alicia Keys just fucking RULES .. what a great rendition of If I Ain't Got You, made me tear up. And the duet with Jamie Foxx, brilliant. She really is the real deal.
... Kanye West just won his first award ... the guy sounds like such an ass in his speech, get over yourself. And why the fuck did they give THAT a standing ovation.. I know why, they all want him to produce their next single so it'll be a hit. It didn't really help Brandy this year did it
... I didn't know Ricky Martin is still alive ... and he's got too much perma-tan on but is looking good....
... they are trotting out all the oldies, its Lisa Marie Presley ... skirt is too short...
... oh cool, U2 just won an award ... Bono looks like he hasn't aged in like 10 years

- Stevie Wonder and Norah Jones presenting ... song of the year ... and the award goes to John Mayer who I don't think anyone heard of in the UK ... the song sounds nice, oh and he thanked his Grandma AND Mum ... Bless!

- oooh its Usher, is he gonna let it Burn ...i always thought that song ain't a great track to hear if you just caught something down below...nevermind...oh no, he's doing Caught Up, its alright, my least favorite single released from the album so far but not bad ....

.... sheryl crow's dress, is too much ... so tryin' to do a JLo with it ...

.... Ray Charles and Norah Jones win record of the year ... oh the producer has to mention Starbucks in the acceptance speech cheesy... but his manager is classy and he gets no time to talk...

..... oh Bonnie Rait, she's quiet amazing .... but stop congratulating yourselves on having a great show so far ... enough ...

.... Ray Charles manager gets to accept for him and now that is a classy speech and a great way to end the night!

Monday, February 14, 2005

HIV Drug-Resistant Strain ...

This is quiet a frightening article. A man has been diagnosed with an drug-resistant HIV strain that has progressed quickly into Aids. I really hope everyone is staying safe.


It appears that the patient used Crystal Myth during the time he was infected.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

IQ !

I was bored today, so I took this online IQ test I stumbled onto. Wow, my IQ is a very solid 129. Here is what the report said :

You have an unusually strong balance between verbal and mathematical skills combined with a strength in the visual realm. Your most enduring talent, however, is that your idea centre never shuts down. That's what makes you an Inspired Inventor.

You come up with insights that surprise even yourself, and that's because you might not always be aware when your brain is working on the next great idea. Most of the time, Inspired Inventors such as yourself have a plan brewing in their heads — even if they don't know it at the time. You are particularly adept at brainstorming, and coming up with multiple solutions for any problem because your brain never switches into the "off" position. You're like Sir Isaac Newton in this way -- even commonplace events like an apple falling from a tree can be worked into the ever-present concepts that are formulating in your mind. This is the reason people flock to you for fresh ideas, advice, and insight.

Defending JLo

I have spent the better part of the past week defending the new JLo single, 'Get Right' on the Out messageboards. Not sure why I have this huge need to defend this song. I think its mainly because people are not really attacking the song, but the singer. Therefore, their opinion, is in my eyes, tainted. I can understand not liking the song for its sake, but not liking a song just because of who sings it smacks of musical and celebrity elitism.

Get Over It

With reference to this post , my friend Ben wanted to leave me a message to tell me to get over myself but he had problems with the Comments section. So I'm doing it for him,

'Get over yourself'

Thanks for your time


One of my favorite Simpsons episodes is the B-Sharps episode, where it recalls Homer's barbershop quartet brush with fame (they go on to win a Grammy). The 'Japanese Conceptual Artist' who becomes Barney's girlfriend (and is blamed for the groups downfall) and is clearly modelled on Yoko Ono is a stroke of genuis.

Barneys Japanese Girlfriend (ordering a drink at Moe's): "I would like a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a mans hat"

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The T Chapter

Ok I admit it, I've been a tad bit obsessed lately. With a particular guy whose first name starts with a T.

So T and I have never had a really proper conversation. We spent about 3 months staring at each other at various bars and clubs. I finally got the courage to actually speak to him a few weeks back at Comptons. At the time he actually seemed interested. We chatted for a bit, snogged for a bit, he asked for my number, and I felt like I was on cloude nine. So far so good. I texted him the next day (was I too eager) and he texted me back and agreed to meet up for a drink the following week. I even ran into him the same week at a pub and played it cool, and through a conversation with a common friend found out that indeed he was interested.

So I called him and left a message. No Reply. I was disappointed. I tried to forget about him, I met a couple of other people, had a meaningless one-night stand, the short T. chapter was closed. I moved on. I even practiced my little non-chalant way of pointing out to him that it was rude for him not to call back the next time I did run into him. A little devilish smile, and shrug of shoulders would do nicely.

And then this last Sunday night I saw him at Horsemeat Disco. There he was, looking adorable still in a rugby shirt and jeans. Sitting at the bar. Kissing some other stranger. And I, well I was jealous. Of who I am not sure. I mean, I've hardly spoken to the guy, he owed me nothing. But I was jealous. And I couldn't even to bring myself to say more than 'hello' as we inevitably bumped into each other at different points in the night (he did ditch the snogging stranger later in the evening). And I wanted to ask him out. AGAIN. I was completely curious as to why he lost interest, or why I didn't care about the 2 or 3 reasonably cute guys in there who gave me the eye. Why did I still want him ? Is it because he is playing hard-to-get. I usually dismiss guys like that. Is it because I see something in him that I don't see in others, and if so what. I was frustrated with my own lack of rational judgement. And so I went home and texted him on the way to the train. No response. Which makes me want him even more on some level. Strange but true.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cupidvice !

Its almost valentine's day. You know, the day of celebrating love, and showing the person you LOVE just how much you care about them by buying them chocolates, or a dildo, or if you're lucky, a chocolate dildo. So, without any further ado, here is my guide for all ya single bois out there who are gonna go out trolling for trade and looking for 'luuurve' in all the wrong dark spaces.

1. Whatever you do, have some dignity. Don't dress up head to toe all in leather, or all in red, or both. Trying to attract attention to yourself in this way only means one thing, you're the most desperate.

2. Find another single friend to go out with, and make sure he has more problems picking up guys than you. One of two scenarios will occur, said friend might manage to pull and you can use that as an encouraging sign (if Poindexter can pull tonight, how hard can it be'). Or said friend will fail and be miserable for the entire night, and misery loves company. Its win win.

3. Don't spend the entire night on your hands and knees in the darkroom and then bitch to everyone the next morning about how you can never find true love.

4. Make sure you keep your phone turned off for the night, and for the love of Cupid, don't text your ex-boyfriend / great one-time shag / stalkee at 2 AM with your message of undying love for them. Especially if you did the exact same thing to them on Christmas Day. People talk.

5. Throw away that Celine Dion CD, last thing you wanna hear when you get home is La Dion wailing about being all by herself.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Testing out the picture feature with this Vanity Fair cover .... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My Favorite New Blog

I am curious why John Doe just doesn't move out (or how long is he obliged to stay living there). At least for now his Things I Hate About My Flatmate blog is one of the most entertaining ones I've come across in a long time.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

what exactly do i LOOK LIKE!!!!

Ok, so last night I was out (yet again you ask, YES, I am a scene queen, get over it). Anyway, I was speaking to a frientance (friend/ aquaintance) and he asked me what I did for a living, so I told him that I'm an accountant. In typical fashion his response was 'you don't look like an accountant.' I have heard this so many times, so does it mean that I'm just too hip and funky to work in such a dull profession (I'd like to think so). Or is it that we assume so much about people just by the way they dress on a night out. Is my wardrobe really that un-accountant like (again, I would like to think so). So where am I going with this, not sure, but I may 'dress' up as an accountant for Halloween. Now that would be frightening.