Thursday, March 31, 2005

I have finally gotten 'round to ....

..... being DiscoDamaged ...

My Barman Fantasy - Shattered

Well it was bound to happen, but the object of My Barman Fantasy has apparently found a man. And its another really sexy barman (isn't that always the case). So time to drop the fantasy, or maybe re-adjust it to My Two Barmen Fantasy. Stay tuned.

I Don't *Heart* London Bus Drivers

Its 1:04 am, Kings Cross Station. The N10 bus (which is a direct route home) is idle at the bus stand taking passengers in. I see it from across the street, and so I start running towards it, waving my arms wildly to ask him to wait. The bus driver sees me, and once he lets on the last passenger closes the door and drives aways at the precise moment that I reach the bus stop.

And so I have to wait for another 15 minutes; grab the 390 into the west end; get off at Tottenham Court Road, wait another 10 minutes until the N207 arrives which can also take me directly home (well to Shepherd's Bush). My journey time home basically doubled. This is just one of many reasons I am not fond of London bus drivers. More to come soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Awkward Hellos !

I went into the Tesco's across from my office this afternoon, and ran into an aquaintaince there who also lives in the area. Now we are both gay men, and whenever we see each other in a 'gay space' we give a kiss hello. But because we were in a supermarket in a suburban-esque part of London our greeting turned into this weird uncmfortable hug thing where I leaned over to kiss him and he recoiled a bit, so I ended up putting my hand on his shoulder. I never know the etiquette in these situations and it always bugs me that it turns into this awkward greeting. Had we been two straight people our greeting would have been much more natural. I don't blame my friend either as I have done the recoil thing to others in the past based on where I was and what time of day it was.

So thats my whing for the day!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I'm A Dancer

Last night I was very tired when I got home about 11pm. Logic would dictate that I should have rested my head on the pillow and gone to sleep. But logic went out the window when I came across the film Showgirls on Channel 4. A notoriously awful film, it has all the elements of a great bad sleazy movie. And anchoring it all with great chutzpah is Elizabeth Berkley, who spits, groans and girates throughout the film with a look of 'i'm pissed at the world and I'm gonna get my way'. I am sure Berkley thought she was doing high art and she takes her performance and Nomi's quest for stardom far too seriously. Thankfully Gina Gershon knew better and she camps it up as the bitchy, coke-sniffing, lesbian loving Cristal Connors, the big star who is attracted to and hates Nomi at the same time. I must admit I couldn't stay up for the entire film which I have never seen before, but I'm not ashamed to admit I'm thinking of getting the DVD.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Sexy #13

Here is a link to the hottest man on the ATP tennis tour: Ivan Ljubicic , ranked #13 in the world, ranks #1 in my heart!

Friday, March 11, 2005

A year of blogging!

I have just realized that its been a year since my first entry into the World of Ramification. Actually, thats kinda wrong as I started blogging on LiveJournal for a couple of months and then I transferred those entries onto this site (and backdated them appropriately...). I still haven't transferred all the livejournal entries over, but i'll get to it eventually.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Dumb Ass

And this months award for most stupid criminal goes to this guy.

Lets see, if I am conning people out of money, let me go on national tv so that everyone can see my face. In the newspaper he was quoted as saying he would have never gotten caught had he not gone on tv. The phrase 'no shit sherlock' comes to mind!

Monday, March 07, 2005


I saw the most extraordinary thing on the train home last night. This young guy, early 20s, gay (I recognized his face from a few places) was sitting looking around at everyone around him and he seemed incredibly lonely. And then he started crying (I am sure he was high on something), it was a Sunday night and he was going home alone, and I think I know why he was crying. I was standing when I saw this and then sat down after someone got up, only to see that the girl sitting across from him, a complete stranger to him, was also crying. They looked at each other, didn't say anything, but shared their pain together. When he got up to leave he gave her a smile, and gave me one as well and left. Its something I won't ever forget seeing.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My BarMan Fantasy ....

Ok, so Sunday night at South Central I flirted with one of the barmen. Gorgeous fella (I need to get his name), muscley, lots of tattoos, a nice manner about him, respectful (ok, so anyone who goes to SC can guess who it is). It triggered my barman fantasy, which is fairly simple. He comes home after a long shift, I'm already asleep but have already left out some food for him to eat, he jumps into bed and cuddles me all night long. I wake up for work and first thing i see is a big strong hard working man in my bed..... *sigh*